August 31

Federal Employees May Receive Whistleblower Rewards for Reporting Fraud Against the Government by Bringing Qui Tam Actions Under the False Claims Act

One hot whistleblower issue is whether a federal employee is eligible for a whistleblower reward for reporting fraud committed against the government agency he works at. The government takes the position that a federal employee may not receive a whistleblower reward under the False Claims Act, which is the main whistleblower reward program, based on.

August 21

Can you get a whistleblower reward for wearing a wire for the FBI?

One of the frequent questions I get as a law firm dedicated exclusively to helping whistleblowers file for rewards is whether a cooperating witness is entitled to a whistleblower reward after wearing a wire to help the FBI or federal agency prove fraud against the government. The answer is that it all depends on when.

August 12

Report Medicare fraud and get a reward

If you report Medicare fraud you could get a whistleblower reward. Why does the government pay rewards for reporting Medicare fraud? Here’s the problem. It is estimated that ten percent of Medicare costs are lost due to fraud by healthcare providers. Because the Medicare program spends $500 billion a year, it means $50 billion a.