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For 25 years, Joel D. Hesch has fought fraud - first on behalf of the Department of Justice, and today exclusively for those blowing the whistle on fraud against the government.

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Do I Have a Case?

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Representative Cases

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Are you aware of fraudulent activity? Do you believe you may have a whistleblower case? The Hesch Firm shows you how to claim a reward under the False Claims Act or the IRS and SEC programs.

Joel D. Hesch frequently shares his insights and expertise through his writing and interviews with the press.

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Learn more about what constitutes fraud - and how people have successfully pursued difficult cases in the past.

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Contact The Hesch Firm for expert commentary on reward programs, fraud cases in the media or a quote for your story.

From The How to Report Fraud Blog:

The largest area of fraud today is against Medicare and Medicaid. Approximately 10 percent of all bills are inflated or improper. That helps explain why the Department of Justice pays such large rewards. It needs your help in reporting fraud.
Joel D. Hesch, Author

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