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For 25 years, Joel D. Hesch has fought fraud – first on behalf of the Department of Justice, and today exclusively for those blowing the whistle on fraud against the government.

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Joel D. Hesch writes statistical sampling law review article to aid whistleblowers prove damages in FCA cases
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Are you aware of fraudulent activity? Do you believe you may have a whistleblower case? The Hesch Firm shows you how to claim a reward under the False Claims Act or the IRS and SEC programs.
Joel D. Hesch frequently shares his insights and expertise through his writing and interview with the press.

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Hesch wins National Championship Title for Negotiations

whistleblower reward

Attorney Joel Hesch recently coached a law school team to a National Championship Title and crowned as the best law school negotiations…
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Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals relies on a law review article authored by Joel Hesch in reaching an important decision regarding eligibility of whistleblowers for rewards

Whistleblower rewards

The Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals* relied heavily upon a law review article written by Joel Hesch when ruling that a whistleblower…
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Joel D. Hesch writes statistical sampling law review article to aid whistleblowers prove damages in FCA cases alleging widespread fraud against the government


Can statistical sampling be used to prove liability under the False Claims Act? Whether a whistleblower or the government can rely on…
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Whistleblower attorney founds “National Whistleblower Reward Day”


To bring awareness to available whistleblower rewards for reporting fraud against the government, Joel Hesch founded National Whistleblower Reward Day to be…
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How are Medicare whistleblower rewards paid?


A common question by whistleblowers wanting to report Medicare fraud is how are Medicare whistleblower rewards paid? This article addresses how a…
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Joel Hesch publishes law review article helping courts apply the original source exception to the False Claims Act’s public disclosure bar


A prominent law school’s law review recently published Joel Hesch’s new article helping courts properly apply the “original source exception” to the…
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Report Medicare Advantage Risk-Adjustment fraud under Medicare Part C and receive a whistleblower reward

report Medicare Advantage fraud

This article shows you how to receive a whistleblower reward for reporting Medicare Advantage fraud (or risk-adjustment fraud) under Medicare Part C.…
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Can auditors receive a whistleblower reward for reporting fraud against the government?

Auditors rewards

Government rewards are available to internal and external auditors for reporting fraud against the government This article addresses how auditors can get…
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