Form Instructions:

Please note that under the new IRS reward program rewards are only available the if amount of underpaid taxes exceeds $2 million. In addition, please note that we do not handle tax fraud cases against a person or a company where the amount of underpaid taxes is less than $5 million. (Be mindful that the $5 million figure is the amount of underpaid taxes, and not the amount of unreported income. If a person or company is in the 30% tax bracket, they must under-report $17 million in income in order to amount to $5 million in unpaid taxes.)

If you think you have a case that meets this dollar amount threshold, then fill out the form.

When filling out this questionnaire, please do not include the name of the company or individuals engaged in fraud or give answers so specific that they could refer to only one company. But, please be specific and very detailed in describing the fraud. The purpose of this form is to initially gauge the nature, size and strength of your case. This information will facilitate any future discussion we may have. After we review your form, we will contact you. Our first contact with you will be by email, so be sure to include a valid email address.

All input fields are mandatory.