The Hesch Firm knows what steps to take to ensure you get the reward you deserve.

Joel D. Hesch

About our Law Firm:

The Hesch Firm exclusively represents whistleblowers nationwide who wish to report fraud and file for rewards

Our Purpose

The Hesch Firm’s mission is simple: To help whistleblowers navigate the complicated process of obtaining a whistleblower reward for reporting fraud against the government. Why is it important to work with The Hesch Firm to report fraud? The government pays between 15% and 30% of the funds it recovers, but there are strict rules for what processes must be followed to actually collect any type of reward.

With experience in both the public and private sectors, The Hesch Firm knows what steps to take to help ensure whistleblowers get the compensation they deserve. The Hesch Firm has pursued fraud cases against those cheating Medicare, the military, the IRS and many other federal and state agencies.


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Representative Cases

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Our History

After spending more than 15 years prosecuting fraud for the federal government – and helping recover approximately $1.5 billion in the process – Joel Hesch realized he could serve as a powerful advocate and ally for whistleblowers looking for justice.

Armed with the knowledge and experience he gained while working for the Department of Justice, Hesch founded The Hesch Firm in 2006. Since then, The Hesch Firm has been a staunch nationwide advocate for whistleblowers in their fight against government fraud and helping them file for rewards.

Mr. Hesch graduated in the top of his law school class from The Catholic University of America. Today, his passion for education continues as he teaches and mentors law students. Mr. Hesch is a member of the American Bar Association, the State Bar of Washington, D.C., and the State Bar of Maryland. He has been admitted to the Supreme Court of the United States, United States Court of Federal Claims, United States Tax Court and the D.C. and Maryland District Courts. Joel now exclusively represents whistleblowers throughout the country.

Joel has been lauded time and time again for his efforts to combat fraud. Early in his career, he was selected to join an elite team of Department of Justice attorneys to pursue the then-largest whistleblower case in history, and ultimately helped recover $641 million from one company. For his contributions to the case, Mr. Hesch received a Special Commendation Award for outstanding service. Joel also received several other awards while at DOJ.


From The How to Report Fraud Blog:

“The largest area of fraud today is against Medicare and Medicaid. Approximately 10% of all bills are inflated or improper. That helps explain why the Department of Justice pays such large rewards. It needs your help in uncovering fraud.”

Joel D. Hesch, Author