Report Medicare Fraud or Medicaid Fraud and get a whistleblower reward

If you properly report Medicare fraud, you may be entitled to a significant whistleblower reward. If you want former Justice Department Attorney Joel Hesch to evaluate in complete confidence to see if you have the right type of case to get a reward, then fill out the form at this link (click here) and Mr. Hesch will get back to you right away.

If you want to read more about the $1.75 billion in whistleblower reward cases Mr. Hesch has handled click here.

More about reporting Medicare/Medicaid fraud

The largest area of fraud against the government today is against Medicare fraud and Medicaid fraud. Approximately 10% of all Medicare/Medicaid bills are inflated or fraudulent. That helps explain why the Department of Justice pays such large whistleblower rewards for reporting Medicare fraud.

DOJ needs your help in uncovering Medicare and Medicaid fraud. Below are just a sampling of the ways hospitals and other health care providers cheat Medicare/Medicaid:

If you know of anyone cheating Medicare or Medicaid in one of these or other ways and are interested in a whistleblower reward for reporting Medicare fraud, fill out our fraud questionnaire. Your information will remain confidential.