March 5

Joel Hesch files a brief before the Supreme Court supporting a whistleblower and suggesting a framework for deciding a case that threatens to ruin the government’s most important anti-fraud statute

The Supreme Court will soon decide a case filed by a whistleblower alleging massive Medicaid fraud by a health care company that used unlicensed professionals to bill the taxpayers millions of dollars for counseling services despite a clear requirement that it must use licensed professionals. The Supreme Court will decide if contractors that knowing violate.

February 24

Joel Hesch coaches negotiation team to national second place finish at ABA national competition

Each year the American Bar Association (ABA) hosts an annual negotiation competition amongst all law schools in the nation. This year, the team coached by Joel D. Hesch was named national runner up by placing second out of 199 law school teams competing in the coveted ABA National Negotiation competition. The competition simulates legal negotiations.

July 13

25 Largest Whistleblower Rewards top $50 million each for Reporting Fraud against the Government under the False Claims Act

Did you know that the government has paid whistleblower rewards of over $150 million per person? You might even be more surprised to find out that it’s one of the few federal government programs that not only works, but actually earns money. For every dollar in a whistle-blower reward the government pays, it recovers 13.

June 10

Court grants $34 million judgment in whistleblower case

Whistleblower eligible for a reward for filing case in which a Court grants $34 million judgment in whistleblower suit This week a federal district court granted judgment in the amount of $34 million in a qui tam whistleblower reward case filed by attorney Joel D. Hesch on behalf of a whistleblower. This is a great.

May 14

Joel D. Hesch cited in a brief before the U.S. Supreme Court as a False Claims Act (FCA) expert and veteran FCA litigator

Whistleblower attorney Joel D. Hesch received a rare honor by being cited in a brief before the U.S. Supreme Court as a “FCA expert and veteran FCA litigator.” The brief was filed by counsel for a whistleblower asking the Supreme Court to overturn a lower court’s ruling regarding a defense raised by a company accused.

December 8

The Hesch Firm helped a whistleblower receive a reward of over $7 million for reporting that his company was using unapproved medical devices in knee replacement surgeries

A whistleblower contacted attorney Joel Hesch of The Hesch Firm LLC for help in reporting that his employer was using medical devices in knee replacement surgeries that had not been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). That marked the beginning of a journey that resulted in an amazing victory for the government,.

June 27

Joel D. Hesch files a brief before U.S. Supreme Court advocating whistleblower rights and protections

When Joel D. Hesch learned that a whistleblower was asking the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn dismissal of his federal retaliation suit in which the whistleblower alleged he had been fired for reporting his employer for committing fraud against the government, he jumped right in and obtained permission to file an amicus curiae brief (known.

January 15

Whistleblowers help federal government recover $27 billion back from companies defrauding the government

Whistleblowers are responsible for recovering 70% of funds that companies are defrauding or cheating the government. In a recent study, the U.S. Department of Justice reported that in the last 15 years, it recovered $38.9 billion in funds back from companies that had defrauded or cheated Medicare, the Military and 20 other federal programs and.