If you report adulterated products by pharmaceutical drug companies, you may be entitled to a whistleblower reward, as outlined in this website.

An emerging area of pharmaceutical fraud is in the area of adulterated products. This is not limited to using ingredients that are dangerous. The FDA has strict rules and requirements that apply to every drug manufacturer. Before a drug is approved, the pharmaceutical company must not only test the drug and prove its effectiveness, but it must establish tight manufacturing procedures and controls. Once approved, the company may not deviate from that strict process. Any changes must be pre-approved by the FDA.

If a company skips steps or does not conduct each required manufacturing test and protocol, the drug is technically altered or adulterated. In other words, if a company tells the FDA that it will use sterile labs or use certain processes, but then chooses not to use them because they are expensive, the drugs are non-conforming. The FDA treats them as adulterated. Medicare and Medicaid have rules that prohibit paying for adulterated products. Therefore, if a manufacturer significantly deviates from the approved process, he is not eligible to sell the drugs to the government.

If you know of a pharmaceutical drug company cheating through adulterated product fraud and are interested in a reward, fill out our fraud questionnaire.