If you properly report off-label Medicare fraud, you may be entitled to a significant whistleblower reward. If you want former Justice Department Attorney Joel Hesch to evaluate in complete confidence to see if you have the right type of off-label fraud case to get a reward, then fill out the form at this link (click here) and Mr. Hesch will personally get back to you right away.

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More details about off-label fraud

Drug companies are not allowed to promote an “off label” use of its drugs. For instance, if the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for approval of a certain use of a drug, a pharmaceutical drug company cannot promote another unapproved use. You could be entitled to a large reward if you report off-label drug promotion fraud.

An example would be where the FDA approves drug XYZ to be used to treat epilepsy. Once receiving FDA approval, however, the drug company starts contacting psychiatrists to promote the potential benefits of using drug XYZ for treating depression. The drug company seeks to reap large profits by only asking the FDA to test and approve the drug for a limited area, but then sell millions of pills to doctors to prescribe for other untested uses.

DOJ has reached settlements in the hundreds of millions of dollars against leading pharmaceutical companies for promoting an off label use of drugs, and this area is ripe for rewards if you can show that a drug company is intentionally promoting off label uses.

If you know of a pharmaceutical drug company cheating through off-label drug promotion and are interested in a whistleblower reward for reporting off-label drug promotion  fraud, fill out our fraud questionnaire.