Report Trade Agreement Act Fraud (TAA Fraud) or Buy America Act Fraud and get a reward

If you report a government contractor supplying the military or federal government with goods or supplies that were not made in the U.S. or in a country that is not part of the Trade Agreement Act, you may be entitled to a whistleblower reward, as outlined in this website. (Click here if you want Attorney Joel Hesch to review your claim in confidence.)

Many companies are cheating the military, Homeland Security, and many other government agencies through Trade Agreement Act fraud (TAA fraud). The Trade Agreement Act prohibits the government from purchasing goods made in countries, such as China and Taiwan, that have not signed and agreed to abide by the TAA. Below are some examples of Trade Agreement Act fraud.

GSA Import Fraud

Congress passed a law prohibiting contractors to sell goods or supplies through the General Service Administration (GSA) to governmental agencies if they are imported products from countries, such as China and Taiwan, that don’t have reciprocal trade agreements with the United States. In 2005, there were two whistleblower actions involving national office supply companies that violated this law. The whistleblowers received $700,000 and $1.5 million in these cases. The government is beefing up its efforts in this area of fraud.

If your company or a competitor is supplying goods to the federal government that are made in non-Trade Agreement Act countries, such as China or Taiwan, and you can prove it, you may be eligible for a reward. This applies to direct contracts with the military or any agency, as well as listing products on the GSA website.

Buy America Act Fraud

Many government agencies also include “Buy America” clauses in contracts. Unless this is waived by the agency for a particular contract and reason, these clauses are enforceable and the government pays rewards to those who report when goods are made overseas. Buy America Act fraud is not limited to the countries discussed under the Trade Agreement Act listed above, but applies to all things made overseas, such as electronics.

If you know of Trade Agreement Act (TAA) Fraud or Buy America Act Fraud and are interested in a whistleblower reward, fill out our fraud questionnaire.